Brewed Awakening

White chocolate raspberry breve latte with 4 shots of espresso.

20oz $6.99


Mocha Cold Brew Coffee Espresso.

16oz $4.9924oz $5.75


White Mocha Cold Brew Coffee Espresso.

16oz $4.9924oz $5.75


Vanilla Latte Cold Brew Iced Espresso.

16oz $4.9924oz $5.75


Hazelnut Latte Cold Brew Iced Espresso.

16oz $4.9924oz $5.75


Caramel and Vanilla Latte Iced Espresso.

16oz $5.4924oz $6.25

Air Stream

White Chocolate and Coconut Iced Espresso.

16oz $5.4924oz $6.25

Happy Camper

Chocolate and Butterscotch Iced Espresso.

16oz $5.4924oz $6.25


Almond Roca and Caramel Iced Espresso.

16oz $5.4924oz $6.25


Chai Latte with Iced Espresso Shots Added.

16oz $5.4924oz $6.49


Spicey or Sweet Iced Chai Latte.

16oz $4.4924oz $4.99

Iced Italian Soda

Sparkling Water + Flavor + Cream.

12oz $216oz $2.75

24oz $3.5032oz $4.75

Cold Brew

Cold Pressed Iced Coffee with Cream or Sugar.

16oz $3.1524oz $4.15

Iced Latte

Add Flavoring for $0.50.

16oz $4.4924oz $5.25

Iced Cocoa

With Steam and Marshmallows.

Sm $2.00Med $2.50

Lg $3.00

Iced Tea

Honey or Lemons Available.

16oz $2.3524oz $2.99

32oz $3.99

Bullseye Redbull

Iced Energy Drink with Flavoring.


Rockin’ Refuel Protein Drink

Chocolate or Vanilla for $3.00.

Make it a Shake $5.50

Add Coconut, Almond Soy, Lactaid or Milk Sub to your cold brew coffee or iced espresso for ONLY an additional +$0.75!

Each of our Cold Brew Coffees are Roasted Locally in the mountains or Northern Arizona.

Warm Up With a Hot Espresso

It can get a little chilly in northern Arizona. Warm up with some of our customer’s favorites!