Brewed Coffee

Cream and sugar available

Sm $1.95Md $2.15

Lg $2.35


White chocolate and coconut

Sm $3.50Md $3.75

Lg $4.00


Roasted locally in Arizona

double $3.00quad $4.00

Chai Latte

Sugar and honey available

Sm $4.10Md $4.75

Lg $5.25


Add flavoring for $0.50

Sm $4.30Md $4.55

Lg $4.80


Cream and sugar available

Sm $2.75Md $3.00

Lg $3.50

Brewed Awakening

White chocolate, raspberry, steamed half & half, and espresso (20oz = 4 shots)

Sm $5.00Md $5.35

Lg $6.35


Caramel and vanilla latte

Sm $4.95Md $5.20

Lg $5.45

Air Stream

White chocolate and coconut latte

Sm $4.95Md $5.20

Lg $5.45

Happy Camper

White chocolate and butterscotch latte

Sm $4.95Md $5.20

Lg $5.45

Back Packer

Almond roca and caramel latte

Sm $4.95Md $5.20

Lg $5.45

Copper State

Caramel, cinnamon latte

Sm $4.95Md $5.20

Lg $5.45

Meadow Latte

Honey, lavender latte

Sm $4.95Md $5.20

Lg $5.45


Mocha latte

Sm $4.95Md $5.20

Lg $5.45


White mocha latte

Sm $4.95Md $5.20

Lg $5.45


Vanilla latte

Sm $4.95Md $5.20

Lg $5.45


Hazelnut latte

Sm $4.95Md $5.20

Lg $5.45

Loose Leaf Tea

Add flavor for +$0.50

16oz $2.7520oz $3.25

24oz $3.7532oz $4.25

Add coconut, almond soy, lactaid or milk sub to your coffee for an additional +$0.75, an extra espresso shot for +$1.00, or a keto add for +$0.80!

Hot coffee sizes: 12oz, 16oz, 20oz | Iced coffee sizes: 16oz, 24oz, 32oz

Our Hot Espressos in Williams are Roasted Locally in the Mountains or Northern Arizona.

It's Never Too Early For a Healthy Lunch

Although we boast some of the best choices for breakfast in Williams, wait until you see what’s on our lunch menu!