A Delicious Blended Caramel Frappe.

16oz $5.2924oz $6.29


Tasty Java Chip Blended Coffee.

16oz $5.5024oz $6.50

Mountain Biker

White Chocolate and Caramel Coffee Blend.

16oz $5.7924oz $6.79


Vanilla Bean Blended Coffee.

16oz $5.2524oz $6.25

The Guide

Cookies and Cream Coffee Blend.

16oz $5.50 24oz $6.50


Strawberries and Cream.

16oz $5.5024oz $6.50


Naturally Caffeinated Green Tea Frappe.

16oz $5.2524oz $6.25

Milk Shakes

Dine in or to go!

16oz $4.9924oz $5.99

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Delicious Fresh Fruit with Flavoring.

16oz $4.9924oz $6.25

Mango Smoothie

Tasty Mango and Banana Blend.

16oz $4.9924oz $6.25

Berry Wild Smoothie

Sweet Wild Berries and Bananas.

16oz $4.9924oz $6.25

Tropical Smoothie

Mango, Pineapple, Peach, stawberries, banana and coconut.

16oz $4.9924oz $6.25

Tasty Lemonade

Made with Sweet Lemons and Sugar.

12oz $216oz $2.50

24oz $332oz $3.50

Lemonade Tea

Regular Tea with added lemonade.

Sm $2.49Med $2.85

Lg $3.25

Cool Beans

Delicious Cold Brew Float with FroYo and an Espresso Shot.

Price Varies

Increase the tastiness by adding Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Soy Milk or Lactaid
to your blended drinks or smoothies for ONLY an additional +$0.75!

Add FroYo to any dessert drink for an extra $1.00!

Warm Up With a Hot Espresso

If a tasty refreshment isn’t currently on your radar, try some of our customer’s favorite hot brews! Our coffee is locally roasted by Single Speed in Flagstaff, Arizona.